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Taiwan & the Philippines


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Liane V.

@LianeV | 4.3M followers

“Making people laugh is a powerful thing. If you can make someone laugh or smile, they look forward to you. You’re their positive thing in the day.”

Filipino by ethnicity and American by nationality, Liane V (Valenzuela) started as a famous Vine is now one of the most followed social media influencers. The LA-based singer-songwriter and multitalented personality is well-known for her acting skills, passion for fitness and health lifestyle, and funny videos and skit.

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San Francisco - Taiwan - Philippines

7-Day Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Depart San Francisco, California for flight to Taiwan

            Travel around Nantou County

Day 2: Visit landmarks in Taichung City, Taiwan

Day 3: Explore the capital city, Taiwan

Day 4: Depart Taiwan for flight to Manila, Philippines

Day 5: Depart Manila for flight to Iloilo, Philippines

            Time for some rest and recreation at Solina Beach and Nature resort

Day 6: Hop on a boat for an island-hopping tour in Carles, Iloilo

Day 7: Depart Iloilo for flight to Manila, Philippines

Day 8: Depart Manila for return flight to San Francisco with (layover in Taiwan)

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